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Moto-camping - Motorcycle Camping.

Updated: Jan 18, 2023

Motorcycle camping is a unique and thrilling way to experience the great outdoors. Whether you are an experienced motorcyclist or new to the sport, there are a few key things to consider when planning your motorcycle camping trip.

First and foremost, you will need to pack light. A motorcycle has limited storage space, so you will need to be selective about what you bring. Stick to the essentials, such as a tent, sleeping bag, and cooking gear. It may also be helpful to invest in some saddlebags or a trailer to hold your gear.

Next, consider the type of terrain you will be traveling on. If you plan on tackling dirt roads or rough terrain, a dual-sport motorcycle may be a better choice than a touring bike. On the other hand, if you will mostly be sticking to pavement, a touring bike with a comfortable seat and plenty of storage may be a better fit.

When it comes to setting up camp, look for a flat and dry spot to pitch your tent. It may also be helpful to bring a tarp to put underneath your tent in case of wet ground. And be sure to follow Leave No Trace principles to minimize your impact on the environment.

One of the best things about motorcycle camping is the sense of freedom and adventure it brings. So don't be afraid to stray off the beaten path and explore new areas. Just be sure to let someone know your plans and carry a map and compass (or a GPS device) in case you get lost.

Safety is always a top concern when it comes to motorcycle riding, and this is especially true when camping. Be sure to wear proper protective gear, such as a helmet, gloves, and sturdy boots. And always ride within your limits to reduce the risk of accidents.

Overall, motorcycle camping is a fantastic way to explore the great outdoors and have an unforgettable adventure. Just be sure to plan ahead, pack wisely, and ride safely, and you'll have a trip to remember for years to come.

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