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The 2023 Easter Giver!

The 2nd Annual Easter Dualsport and Adventure Motorcycle Event on Vancouver Island was a resounding success this year, thanks to the dedicated efforts of island locals Summer Hurst and Kevin Fuson. The event featured a 4.5-hour ride over some technical terrain, providing riders with the opportunity

to experience some incredible viewpoints along the way. A total of 43 local riders attended the event, and everyone was all smiles afterwards, having been treated with beautiful weather, incredible views and some good ole fashioned Vancouver Island camaraderie.

Summer and Kevin are no strangers to organizing successful events on Vancouver Island. They also organize the Thanks Giver event, which has become an annual tradition on the island, and 2023 will mark the third year of the event. The Thanks Giver event is a unique opportunity for locals to come together and celebrate the spirit of gratitude and giving, and Summer and Kevin are dedicated to making it a success every year.

The success of the Easter Dualsport and Adventure Motorcycle Event is a testament to the passion and dedication of Summer and Kevin, and their commitment to providing locals with unique opportunities to explore and experience the beauty of Vancouver Island. The event has become a beloved tradition on the island, and it's no surprise that riders from all over the island are eager to participate each year. This year even had an eager participant from Oregon USA, with many more from across the border expressing an interest in attending future events.

One of the highlights of this year's event, aside from the stellar views, was a special surprise appearance by Misti Hurst, an accomplished adventurer, explorer, and writer who has made a name for herself in the world of outdoor pursuits. She is best known for her work as a writer for Motorcycle Mojo magazine, where she shares her experiences and insights about motorcycle adventures and dual sport riding. Misti has traveled all over the world in pursuit of new and exciting experiences, and she is passionate about sharing her knowledge and enthusiasm with others. With her unique blend of adventure, skill, and creativity, Misti is a true inspiration to anyone who seeks to explore the great outdoors on two wheels.

As the organizers gear up for the 3rd Annual Thanks Giver event later this year, it's clear that their passion for bringing people together and celebrating the spirit of community is unwavering. Whether it's exploring the beauty of Vancouver Island on motorcycles or coming together to celebrate gratitude and giving, Summer and Kevin are committed to creating meaningful and memorable experiences for everyone involved.

Watch the video of the event here:

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