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Welcome: Who is Critter Moto?

Critter Moto.

Simply put, I'm just your everyday average 50 something who just so happens to be a huge motorcycle nut! To say I'm obsessed would be an understatement.

This website will be yet another place for me to share my adventures and hopefully inspire others to go out and have their own.

Now, though I'm no professional writer, here in the Blog section I'll do my best to describe in further detail my trips, experiences, thoughts, etc.

Follow my links to both my Youtube and Instagram accounts to see more and please consider subbing to those.

If you'd like to support me monetarily consider purchasing some merchandise from the shop or becoming a Patron on Patreon.

I truly appreciate you coming along for the ride!

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Nice site - looking forward to following along ☀️🏍😎


Love following your adventures and amazed at the distances you're covering. Look forward to more content!

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Tonsof Bees
Tonsof Bees
Aug 17, 2022

Looking forward to reading more about your adventures!- tonsofbeees.


If you’re here because of the sticker pack giveaway on Instagram ….thank you!

Remember to leave your Instagram name in the comment so that I can private message you for mailing instructions. Cheers!

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